Field Trips

Three days of field excursions are planned for YORSGET 2021

Excursion 1 - Friday June 18th, 2021

The Gela thrust front, foredeep and foreland margin of SE Sicily.

A journey around the flank of the Hyblean foreland and across the thrust front, en route to Agrigento.

Topics: tectonic geomorphology of the orogen-foredeep-foreland system; growth strata and folding at normal faults; Large-scale relaying of segmented normal faults (on the foreland edge); tectonically-driven regional regression.

Excursion 2 - Monday June 21, 2021

Tectonic controls on the deposition and subsequent deformation of evaporites.

This day focuses on the Messinian strata of the Agrigento area. It includes a visit to Realmonte mine (a drive-in experience) with its spectacular folds in halite-dominated units, together with Plio-Quaternary folds exposed on sea cliffs.

Excursion 3 - Tuesday June 22, 2021

Shallow-marine thrust-top sedimentation – outcrop-based seismic stratigraphy to examine the interaction of folding, sea-level change and regional uplift. We examine these aspects in the heart of the “Caltanissetta basin” – on our way back to Catania. 

Mobility and environment on the field excursions

The majority of field locations involve very little walking (a few hundred metres from the coach). However, excursion 1 involves two slightly longer walks, one of c 3 km (with c 200m ascent) and another of about 2 km (on the flat). On excursion 2, there is a walk of about 4 km along a beach.

Safety: full briefing documents will be available to registered participants ahead of the meeting. Note that individuals MUST bring appropriate hardhats for access to Realmonte mine and for the coastal outcrops on excursion 2.

Sicily in June is generally dry and hot. Temperatures are generally in the low 30s C, but can rise higher. Sun protection, especially wide-brimmed sun-hats are strongly advised.