Gaetano Ortolano

Associate Professor of [GEO/07]
Membership Section: Earth Sicnce section

Personal data

  • born on 01/24/1974 in Palermo
  • Affiliated next to the Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic position:

Associate Professor

Scientific Qualification:

  • Qualified as Associate Professor (Scientific disciplinary sector: Petrology and Petrography) from 10/04/2017
  • Qualified as Associate Professor (Scientific disciplinary sector: Structural Geology) from 10/06/2021

Institutional appointment:

Academic Senator as a representative of the geological area from 2016 to 2021

Scientific Disciplinary Sector:

Geo-07-Petrology and Petrography

Academic and professional titles:

  • Ph.D. in Petrology and Petrography (10/06/2004) -  Catania University
  • Master degree in Geological Sciences  (24/03/2000) - Catania University  (110/110 cum laude)
  • Expert in Remote sensing and Geographic Information System - (Gennaio 2001)

Teaching activity:

  • Petrochemistry(2003/2004) - Master degree in Geological Sciences - Calabria University
  • Crystallography (2005/2006; 2006/2007)-Degree in Cultural Heritage - University of Catania
  • Mineralogy Lab. (2009-2010) - Degree in Geological Sciences - University of Catania
  • Metamorphic Geology with field investigations (2009/in itinere) - Master degree in Geological Sciences - University of Catania
  • Informatics and GIS applications (2016/in itinere) - Degree in Geological Sciences - University of Catania

Head of the GeoImageLab


Brief CV

Name: Gaetano Ortolano,

Place and date of birth: Palermo, 24 January 1974,

Affiliation and work address: University of Catania - Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences - Corso Italia 57 - 95129 - Catania, Italy

Actual position:

  • Associate professor for the disciplinary sector 04 / A1 - GEOCHEMISTRY, MINERALOGY, PETROLOGY, VOLCANOLOGY, GEORESOURCES AND APPLICATIONS - scientific sector GEO / 07 - Petrology and petrography from 31/12/2021;
  • Senior researcher for the disciplinary sector 04 / A1 - GEOCHEMISTRY, MINERALOGY, PETROLOGY, VOLCANOLOGY, GEORESOURCES AND APPLICATIONS - scientific sector GEO / 07 - Petrology and petrography from 31/12/2008;
  • Aggregate Professor of Metamorphic Geology (Master's Degree in Geological Sciences since 2009 in progress) and of IT application on Geosciences (Bachelor's Degree in Geological Sciences since 2016 in progress).


  • Degree in Geological Sciences achieved on 24/03/2000, at the University of Catania, with a grade of 110 out of 110 with honors;
  • PhD in Petrography and Petrology achieved on 10/06/2004, at the University of Catania with a thesis entitled: "Geological-structural analysis and tectonic-metamorphic evolution of the crystalline base of central-eastern Aspromonte".

Scientific and professional qualifications:

  • National Scientific Qualification for Associate Professor for the sector 04 / A1 Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology, Volcanology, Georesources, and applications. Valid from 10/04/2017 to 10/04/2026 (Article 16, paragraph 1, Law 240/10).
  • Professional title of Expert in Remote Sensing and GIS achieved on 27/01/2001 with an internship at the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the Federico II University of Naples;
  • Qualification to exercise the profession of Geologist obtained at the University of Palermo in the second session of 2001 with 120/150 points.

Research areas:

  • Thermodynamic modeling and calculation of phase diagrams of metamorphic systems
  • Geological-structural and microstructural analysis of metamorphic rocks
  • Production of geological-structural and petrochemical maps on GIS platform
  • Image analysis of X-ray maps of minerals and stone materials aimed at developing semi-automatic classification tools

Scientific awards and prizes:

(January 2007) Award for the best young researcher of the University of Catania - Gioenia Academy - Univ. Catania
(August 2012) Winner of a 1500 € scholarship for young Italian researchers as a contribution to the participation of the 34th International Geology Congress held in Brisbane (Australia)
(September 2018) Winner of the award for the best article published in the scientific journals of the Italian Geological Society in the biennium 2017/18

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Research activity:

  • Quantitative analysis of the microstructural and mineral-chemical relationships of the evolution of the metamorphic reaction during orogenetic process 
  • Reconstruction of thermobaric evolution of metamorphic rocks via thermodynamic modeling
  • Construction of geopetrological and Geological-Structural maps performing new GIS-based platform applications
  • Microstructural analysis of mylonitic rocks
  • Developing new analytical methods for X-ray multispectral image analysis of minerals and rocks 

Head of the Geoinformatics and Image Analysis Lab