Mary Ford is  a field geologist and principally interested on the interactions of sedimentation, erosion and tectonics from outcrop to regional scale in both in orogens and in rifts. Her approach involves mainly field based mapping, sediment logging, cross section construction and sequentialrestoration. She usually works in multidisciplinary projects, collaborating with specialists in many other domains to  best constrain processes in time and space. Her main field areas are the Corinth rift, the Pyrenees and the western Alps.Personal website:

Alissa Kotowski is an Assistant Professor at Utrecht University (Netherlands). Her main research interests involve the structural development and mechanical behavior of subduction shear zones, from million-year to seismic timescales. She uses the exhumed rock record to constrain the internal structure, timescales and conditions of accretion, and metamorphic rock rheology from subduction initiation onward. Recently, she has started using laboratory deformation experiments to study mechanisms of plastic deformation in hydrous minerals. Personal website: