Francesco Sciuto

Associate Professor of [GEO/02]
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F. Sciuto is an  Associate professor in stratigraphic geology and sedimentology in activity since 1992 at the University of Catania in the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences. In 2017 he obtained the habilitation to the role of associated professor and in 2019 full professor. Dr. Sciuto is member of CoNISMA (Inter-university Consortium for Sea Sciences) and Stazione Zoologica A. Dohrn di Napoli.
The scientific activity of dr. F. Sciuto is documented to date by over 106 publications including 50 articles in international indexed scientific journals (of which 10 are monographic, and 6 are first names), two geological maps and 5 contributions in volumes. The most frequently discussed topics are:
1) Stratigraphic analysis of essentially Plio-Pleistocene sedimentary sequences emerging in Sicily (Centuripe, Capo Milazzo, Castro Reale, Furnari, Vittoria, Licodia Eubea, Villafranca Tirrena, Serra San Biagio) and in North Africa (Tunisia) aimed at identifying the paleo environmental characteristics of the depositional basins and reconstruct their spatio-temporal evolution through the interpretation of the sediment facies (textural, structural and compositional characteristics of sediments) and micropaleontological (taxonomic and taphophonic characters of fossil fossils mainly ostracods) and define the chronological characters.
2) Study of fossil and current ostracod associations of predominantly marine but also continental environments aimed at defining both the self-ecological and sinecological characteristics of individual species or groups of species and the taxonomic characters. A specific result achieved this research consisted in the identification and description of different taxa to date unknown to the scientific world.
3) analysis of the relationships between associations with current ostracods and chemical - physical - sedimentological parameters of the environment. The studied habitats are the superficial coastal ones of the Mediterranean (Aci Trezza, Central Ionian Sea) and of SE Asia (Thailand) and the Mediterranean ones (Strait of Messina, Channel of Sicily, Northern Ionian).
Prof. F. Sciuto also:
- he has participated in oceanographic campaigns in the Mediterranean (Santa Maria di Leuca, Strait of Messina, Canale di Sicilia) and in paleoecological surveys on land in different areas of southern Italy and Sicily.
- Dr. Sciuto is Scientific Responsible of the international scientific cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte (Tunisia) and the University of Catania, stipulated in 2015, and with a three-year duration, concerning the stratigraphic analysis of Plio-Pleistocene sedimentary sequences outcropping in Tunisia and the identification of the relative paleoenvironments.

prof. Sciuto is the scientific responsible international scientific cooperation agreement between “l’Office National des Mines” (Tunisia) and the University of Catania.
- he is part of the MIUR referees for the evaluation of research programs and research products (including evaluation of the projects of the Young Researchers Program "Rita Levi Montalcini" which provides for the recruitment of young fixed-term researchers pursuant to art. 24, paragraph 3, letter b) of Law 240/2010.

prof. Sciuto is part of the scientific committee of the CAJG (Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences) for 2018 -2019.

Since 2003 he has held the teachings of Quaternary Geology, Sedimentology, Geology.

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