Eugenio Fazio

Associate Professor of [GEO/07]
Membership Section: Earth Sicnce section


Structural Geology; Metamorphic Petrology; Crystalline basement rocks; digital geological mapping; UAV; LiDAR; VOM (Virtual Outcrop Model)

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Why shear-zones and associated mylonites are very important markers of paleo-tectonics setting? What fault related-rocks (cataclasites, pseudotachylytes) record in terms of paleo-seismicity? What microstructures can tell us about the whole P-T-D-t evolution of a tectono-metamorphic unit? What can metamorphic petrology tell us about the growth and unroofing of mountain belts? What happens when a rock is deformed at different temperatures, pressures, strain rates (wet or dry conditions)? Are paleopiezometry laws for quartz valid, or is rock rheology also controlled by other kinetic factors?

If you are interested in these sorts of problems, read on. Our Department has the facilities and expertise for a wide range of petrological and tectonic research. Visit my students page to see what my current students are doing, and what past students have done. Projects range from field-based to lab-based, and all gradations between. Many involve co-supervision with other members of the Department here at University of Catania, and with other organizations and institutions, including the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Turin (Italy), the Elettra-Sincrotrone (Trieste, Italy), the School of Geosciences at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK), and the Indian Institute of Technology of Kharagpur (West Bengal, India).



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A good background in some or all of petrography, metamorphic petrology and physical chemistry applied to rocks. For field-based research, a good background in structural geology and field work. Above all, must have a real interest in petrology and structural geology, and a desire to pose questions and solve problems independently. Candidates should also have a valid driver's license.

In addition to producing a thesis, students will be expected to present their work orally/in poster form at relevant workshops and meetings during their program, and also try to submit one (MSc) manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal upon graduation. Students may also be asked to contribute to applications for travel support.

If sending an enquiry, please attach a CV, summary of your academic record (courses and grades). Any examples of work you have done (e.g., reports, papers, abstracts of theses/talks/papers) would be welcome. Please also provide a brief explanation of your background and what kind of research you wish to pursue.




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I have a range of possible research projects for MSc and BSc students, some examples of which are listed below. These are divided into three main groups: Microstructures and petrophysical properties of rocks; Metamorphic petrology; Metamorphism and tectonics. The projects range from field-based to lab-based, and gradations between. I am willing to supervise research problems that students bring to me, provided they have a petrological/structural geology component.




Relationships between rock fabric and petrophysics

  • The role of deformation bands in sandstones as analogues for oil/fluids reservoirs (Sicily). Microfabric analysis, microtomography, and porosimetry lab tests.

Quantitative microstructures

  • Grain shape analysis and lattice preferred orientation of minerals of mylonites (Palmi, Calabria)
  • Quartz CPO (Crystallographic Preferred Orientation), SPO (Shape Preferred Orientation) and paleopiezometry investigation (various locations).



Metamorphic reaction processes

  • Genesis and significance of tourmaline veins within high grade crystalline rocks (Peloritani Mountains, NE Sicily).
  • Conditions, timing and significance of metamorphic porphyroblasts (andalusite, staurolite, sillimanite) in metapelites (Aspromonte Massif, Southern Calabria)
  • Genesis of complex oscillatory zoning in garnets from low- to medium grade metapelites (Aspromonte Massif, Southern Calabria).

Contact metamorphism and relation to tectonics

  • The emplacement level of Variscan in age granitoids: intrusions of M.te Embrisi (Aspromonte Massif) and Serre Batholith (Serre Massif) from study of their contact aureoles (Calabria)

Petrology of metapelites

  • Phase diagram modelling and multiequilibrium/multispecies thermobarometry applied to metapelites (various locations).



Regional metamorphism and tectonics in the southern Calabrian Peloritani Orogen (Sicily and Calabria)

  • 1. Petrological and structural characterization of the metamorphism in the Aspromonte Massif (Calabria) and Peloritani Mountains (Sicily).
  • 2. Regional study of the emplacement level of Late Variscan intrusions in the Serre Batholith and minor plutonic bodies (various locations). 
  • 3. Palmi Shear Zone: kinematic complexity and shear sense indicators.

Paleo seismicity in the rock record

  • 1. Microstructural analyses (optical microscopy, image analysis techniques, microtomography) and neutron diffraction study of mylonites and pseudotachylytes (various locations).




MSc students (five years master degree)

  • Gambino S (co-tutor Prof Maniscalco R.) - Academic Year 2017/2018
  • Ruta E (co-tutor Prof Punturo R) - Academic Year 2013/2014
  • Fallone D (co-tutor Prof Fiannacca P.) - Academic Year 2012/2013
  • Quattrocchi A (co-tutor Prof Cirrincione R.-UniCal) - Academic Year 2012/2013
  • Patanè F (co-tutor Prof Pezzino A.) - Academic Year 2011/2012
  • Sapuppo A (co-tutor Prof Pezzino A.) - Academic Year 2010/2011
  • Orlando D (co-tutor Prof Cirrincione R.-UniCal) - Academic Year 2009/2010
  • Scidone D (co-tutor Prof Cirrincione R.-UniCal) - Academic Year 2008/2009
  • Artusa G (co-tutor Prof Cirrincione R.-UniCal) - Academic Year 2007/2008




BSc students (three years bachelor degree)

  • Giuffrida S (co-tutor Prof Fiannacca P.) - Academic Year 2017/2018
  • Bosco G - Academic Year 2015/2016
  • Gambino S (co-tutor Prof Cirrincione R.) - Academic Year 2014/2015
  • Gagliano A (co-tutor Prof Ortolano G.) - Academic Year 2013/2014