Rosalda Punturo

Associate Professor of [GEO/07]
Membership Section: Earth Sicnce section

I am associate professor in Petrography and Petrology, member of the research group "Meigepeg" (Metamorphic and Igneous Petrology Group) at UNICT. We are involved in many projects concerning research topics mainly focused on crystalline basements, including sedimentary rocks. My expertise focuses on the petrophysical properties of minerals and rocks and on the environmental and human health aspects related to asbestos and other potentially hazardous geomaterials. I also deal with the valorisation of natural geomaterials, with a view to the circular economy. I am also scientific responsible for the agreements between the Department, the Sicilian Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ARPA) and Elettra Sincrotrone (Trieste).

I am responsible for the sample preparation and analytical chemistry laboratory at the Department of Biological, Geological, Environmental Sciences. I am currently a member of the board of directors of the Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology

In my opinion, society must benefit from the results of research carried out with public money; to facilitate this, the population must be informed of what we do in universities and therefore we academics must do our utmost to achieve this.

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My main research activities, recently conducted, concern the following topics:

- Petrophysical properties of minerals and rocks (eg seismic, magnetic) and their applications in Geosciences for the modeling of crystalline bases, for the research of hydrocarbons and the study of Cultural Heritage;

- Study of natural geomatics and implications for health (eg asbestos, potentially toxic metals).

Member of the group for the dissemination of SIMP disciplines. As part of the dissemination activities carried out by SIMP, dissemination videos and the SIMP discipline dissemination project were created: the young people of the Italian Alpine Club discovering minerals and rocks. Approved by the SIMP Presidential Council

Member of the Regional Scientific Committee of the Italian Alpine Club - Sicily

Thanks to the contribution of the National Science Degree Plan - geology - Catania, two geological educational itineraries have been set up: 1) Monte Grosso- MOnte Gemmellaro (Etna) and 2) Valle del Loddiero, an itinerary between fossil coral reefs and extinct volcanoes (MIlitello V.C., Hyblaean Mountains)

Collaboration for the creation of television programs of science dissemination:

The investigation into fine particles by Maurizio Torrealta, directed by Flaviano Masella broadcast on Rainews 24 (

Focus TV: Geological wonders of Italy: CAlabria (

Focus TV: Geological wonders of Italy: Sicily (

I have published several popular articles in the Amedit-Amici del Mediterraneo magazine (also available online

Furthermore, she is dedicated to the scientific dissemination of geological disciplines s.l. holding seminars at associations (Associazione Arma Aeronautica, Rotary) and at the Italian Alpine Club and organizing thematic excursions. On behalf of the Gioenia Academy of Catania and the PNLS Geology of Catania (the latter manages the Facebook page), you hold seminars for school teachers.