Services Geo-Image-Lab

The laboratory consists of four workstations dedicated to complementary applications, a NAS (i.e. a server capable of publishing data online) equipped with four terabytes for the remote storage and management of cartographic and alphanumeric data, two-color laser printers in A3 and A4 format respectively, a Zeiss® polarizing optical microscope equipped with Zeiss® digital camera, a stereoscope, a professional double lens scanner (Epson® Scan v750 Pro) used for the high-resolution acquisition of rock thin sections under polarized and non-polarized light, and finally a drone (quadcopter type), Mavic® 9000, for the aerial photogrammetric acquisition on the visible spectrum of specific areas, extended to a maximum of 2 km2.

The workstations are equipped with software dedicated to A) GIS processing (ArcGIS® 10.8); B) multispectral satellite images and radarsat images elaboration (ERDAS IMAGINE®); C) microanalytical data processing and quantification (Genesis®) as well as by new original software dedicated to the: 1) Analysis of multispectral images (Quantitative - X-Ray Map Analyzer); 2) Statistical interpolation of geochemical data of intrusive magmatic rocks (IG Mapper); 3) Automatic classification of plutonic rocks on both mesoscopic and microscopic basis (Auto-QAPF Plutonic); 4) Interactive stereographic projections (ArcStereoNet); and 5) automatic quantitative extrapolation of petrostructural data of rocks and artificial stone aggregates (Micro Fabric Analyzer)