Geoinformatic and Image analyses Lab - (Geo-Image-Lab)

The Geoinformatics and Image Analysis laboratory (Geo-Image-Lab) is born from the need to find a place where the different souls of geosciences meet in the common perspective of being able to take advantage of the various geomatical technologies in an updated way. The aim of the laboratory is to automate numerical geological data extrapolation from macro- to micro-scale and viceversa

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Head of the Lab: Prof. Gaetano Ortolano

Internal structured Members of the Lab: Prof. Rosolino Cirrincione; Prof. Eugenio Fazio; Prof. Patrizia Fiannacca; Prof. Rosalda Punturo

External Structured Members of the Lab: Prof. Gaston Godard; Prof. Michele Zucali

Internal not structured members of the Lab: Dr. Roberto Visalli (PhD)Dott. Mario Pagano (PhD student)Dott. Alberto D'Agostino (Phd student)

External not structured members of the Lab: Dr.Luca Corti (PhD)